This personal website of mine is to document some of my knowledge into blogs just so that I will not forget any of these valuable lessons and projects of mine. I also wish to explain complex computer concepts to other people in basic terms. So that they may learn as well these complex computer concepts.

Background of the author

I am a full Filipino citizen and am currently living in Taguig city. I was born in Quezon Province, Lucena City. After finishing my 2nd year in junior high school at Don Bosco Makati, I was taught by my father different complex computer concepts. Hence my ability to create such a site. I have a love for computers, chess, and table tennis.

As for my name, my parents thought that my name should be simple, unique, and easy to remember. They didn’t want it too simple/common though because people may forget my name if it were too common. They also didn’t want my name to be too hard to pronounce or remember either. So they chose Paris. If I were born a girl, my parents would’ve named me Sydney (City in Australia) ๐Ÿ™‚ So my name doesn’t necessarily have any association to Paris other than the fact that my name is Paris.

I’ve chosen to dedicate this site to all web and software developers out there. Aside from that, I also use this site to document my own personal projects of mine. It is my hope that I may be able to teach other web and software developers out there.

Checkout my personal projects & repositories here: GitHub & Bitbucket
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