Grade 8 Junior High School: Web-based Calculator Project

During the last term of my 2nd year in junior high school, my classmates and I were given a project to do in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). ICT focuses on teaching learners all about computers (Computer programming, basic structure of a computer, the history of computers, etc.). The project was to create a basic calculator utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The goal of the calculator project was simple, to create the basic functions of a calculator and implement it in HTML & CSS. Those basic functions were:

1. The capability of adding numbers, operators, and decimal points into the expression.

2. To be able to delete a single character in the expression.

3. To delete all the characters in the expression.

However, our ICT teacher ruled out that the calculator’s input value or expression should not be capable of holding more than 15 characters. I managed to go far and beyond the rules that my teacher gave us and added additional features to the calculator project. I made it a challenge to myself to test my skills in programming. Those features included:

1. Ability to hold memory

2. Ability to add integers.

Along with CSS, I also added Bootstrap 4 to my calculator webpage to make the webpage more responsive and dynamic. I committed my works to GitHub in order to keep track of my works as I was editing my calculator. Overall, my project was a major success with my ICT teacher. I even sent my teacher the link for my GitHub account for her to see the commits I have made for each time I updated the features of the calculator or fixed some bugs in the calculator. I got a score of 55/50 for having to exceed the criteria. A total of a 110%.

Click the link to see the commits I had made in GitHub:

Click the link to see my calculator:

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